Feathered Friends


Project Lead


Illustrator, Figma, Webflow




Andrew Hillstead, Creative Director

Elliott Lee, Blockchain Advisor

Brandon Miller, Design Mentor

Kunyang Ji, Webflow Mentor

Sean Tilles, Design Mentor

Michael Braae, Coding Mentor

For my design internship at Psychoactive Studios, I came up with a project that allowed me to learn more about Illustrator and blockchain technology. Feathered Friends is an NFT project in support of the native birds of New Zealand. It is a not-for-profit that donates 100% of sales to Zealandia. I was able to implement a lot of exciting features into the Webflow site such as advanced animations, API calls to Opensea, and a sidescrolling section.

Horizontal scroll

Changing up the usual scrolling pattern is certain to grab people's attention and was an excellent way to display these 6 cards horizontally. Using 3D transitions, the cards representing each NFT are able to be flipped, revealing information and a link to purchase on the back.

Custom decorations

Each icon and decorative illustration was custom made in Illustrator for this project. By placing these elements throughout the site and spicing them up with interactions, it creates an immersive experience.

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