NZ Music Trust




Webflow, Zapier, Airtable, Stripe




Maria Rose-Wen, Producer

Kunyang Ji, Designer & Developer

NZMT is seeking to promote cross-cultural, multi-disciplinary collaboration and innovation in music and the arts. They do this through a range of events, publications, and cultural exchanges. As one of NZMT’s main focuses is diversity and connecting cultures, users have the ability change languages between Chinese and English using Weglot. I was brought in to help develop this project, gaining experience in Webflow Ecommerce while contracting for Psychoactive Studios.


This website presented some exciting UX challenges as we attempted to push Webflow’s native Ecommerce to it’s full potential. With multiple categories of products and different designs for each, I created user flows to ensure checkout was smooth for everyone.

Home Screen

The landing page gently guides users into the website, where the hand drawn illustrations are accompanied by musical interactions. Each letter in the logo plays a different song when clicked.

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